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Group Discussion

This Week we are Welcoming Participants from
Information Operations- (J6) Executive Level Mentoring

This Program now Provides a Structured Program for DLA Proteges and Mentors from Information Operations (J6), Distribution, Disposition, Land & Maritime, Aviation

Welcome DLA Information Operations (J6) Applicants
Mission: Build a dynamic mentoring partnership that will cultivate professional development, empower employees to reach their full leadership potential and achieve career goals within a high-performing organization.
Defense Logistics Agency
The Mentoring Program is designed to develop employees in a variety of group learning experiences through formal and situational experiences.  The program is tailored to our developmental requirements, team learning experiences are comprised of core activities that all of you will be exposed to over the course of your time in this partnership.  This is a developmental program for both you as employees and the organization.  In DLA we believe a strong mentoring program helps prepare employees to take on the challenges and changes in the workforce, increase productivity, and foster a positive work environment and employee retention.  As proteges, you will identify the major competencies necessary for improvement and growth, while participating in this mentoring program.  At the end of this engagement, we believe we will develop a cadre of highly qualified men and women representative of the diversity of the workforce to compete for the next level of leadership. 
DLA Mentoring Portal

The DLA Mentoring Portal will be used to facilitate all the work we accomplish in this relationship. All mentoring activities will be tracked and accomplished in this mentoring space. Mentoring as a learning approach is the approved approach for engaging, developing, and retaining DLA's organization's talent and know-how. This platform will provide you the ideal solution for capturing and transferring the knowledge and expertise between each other during your mentoring relationship. This mentoring solution combines industry best practices with world-class, software to deliver a complete mentoring solution that has been tailored for use in your DLA organization.

The 2021-2024 DLA Mentoring Program(s)

Your DLA Mentoring Program seeks to enhance and develop individual leadership capabilities through a team-centric, collaborative approach. Participants will be exposed to learning models that are aligned with the Leadership Performance Standards and ECQ competencies.

Program Overview:

  • The program will incorporate Matching Proteges with compatible Mentors
  • Roles & Responsibilities will be clearly defined & mutually agreed upon in a mentoring agreement
  • We will have defined events, curriculum, and optional activities for you along your established path 

General Requirements:

  • Complete the DISC Assessment
  • Monthly Partnership Training(s)
  • Complete Monthly Growth Assignments
  • Participate in the Mid-Point Refresher
  • Create Individual Mentoring Action Plans
  • Participate in a Mentoring Relationship
  • Review Key Knowledge Areas 

The DLA Mentoring Program Goals May Include:

  • Developing a knowledgeable, accountable cadre of problem solvers
  • Growing talent to meet the evolving needs of the Agency (succession planning)
  • Encouraging employee Retention
  • Rotational Developmental Assignments
  • Cross-Training
  • Sel-Directed Study
  • Shadowing
  • On-the-Job Training
  • Focus Groups
  • Special Teams/projects
  • External assignments and facilitated training sessions 

Points of Contact

 Dr. Janet E. Williams

Contact Me